we are preparing for a better future

Providing a Decent Standard Of Living For Africa

Reaching out to comfort our own

Comforting Afrikaa is a humanitarian organisation working to free Africa from poverty, fear and oppression.

The ultimate goal of this organisation is to end extreme poverty.  Our team is comprised of professionals, who each year, work with thousands of underprivileged people. Comforting Africa reaches and helps the most fragile communities affected by conflict, natural disasters; climate change, flooding and extreme hunger. We  implement various programs designed to address specific causes of extreme poverty in communities.


We are Focused on

Working towards making improvements in the different essential  areas of our society

Health And Nutrition

Health and nutrition are the foundations of a thriving life.


Securing needs, sustaining lives, pursuing economic well-being.

Youth Empowerment

Inspiring and equipping young individuals to actively lead and contribute to society.

Cultural work

Enriching society's cultural fabric through diverse artistic expressions and traditions.


Empowering minds, fostering growth, unlocking opportunities.

Our Partners


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